Articles by Esther O'Reilly

Esther O'Reilly is an American freelance writer whose work has been spotted in outlets on both sides of the pond, including Spectator USA, American Conservative, Plough, The Critic, Quillette, and Arc Digital. She blogs irregularly at her Patheos spot Young Fogey and tweets compulsively @EstherOfReilly. She attends a dramatically tiny ACC church in an undisclosed Midwestern location, where the prayers of the 1928 BCP are still spoken and the songs of the 1940 hymnal are still sung.

A Prayer for Split Men

Almighty God, To whom all restless hearts are open All old desires known And from whom no guilty secrets are hid Of thy great mercy, Regard the split men. Regard the man Who still dreams Christian dreams, Who cannot pass a chapel Except he enters in, Who cannot hear a carol Except he joins the…

Pro-Life in the Time of COVID

It can be tempting to exaggerate the darkness of our current cultural moment. The word “unprecedented” has become a cliché, generally pressed into the service of political point-scoring. One wants to resist over-inflation, appearing to be ignorant of seasons in our country’s past that were no less grim than the present. And yet, as American…

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