Articles by Daniel Sheehan

Daniel Sheehan

Daniel Sheehan is a journalist in eastern Pennsylvania. He has had poems published in First Things, Dappled Things and other journals. A number of his poems have been printed in limited edition illustrated booklets by Prehensile Pencil Publications/New Feral Press of New York.

The Back Porch

1. Garden Here, he said, we cut a crease In which to set the seed. Tend the roots and I will bless Whatever fruit is made, Whether fig or olive grow To sanctify the air, Magnolia or willow, The leaves of common prayer. Treat them with a touch as mild As children would demand. Earth…

Fourth of July

The streetlights flicker, set to hummingLike mosquitoes in the amber nightOf tree frogs and fireworks, unforked lightning,Spine-tickling rivulets of sweat. This is the stuff, I think, this the life  I recall from my youth by the ocean,  Days of marsh grass and the sun’s gold-leaf,Heinekens, Merits, the soulful motion Of lights across the bay. A couple thereSits…


The sparrow that can fly against such windDeserves a spot in memory’s museum.  Likewise the sunbeams on the bedroom blind,Slanted just so, a light preserved from autumn,Intruding its chill upon mid-June.As school lets out for good, I hear the cheeringOver rooftops of the kids at noonSet loose through double doors and spinningLike struck marbles, and…

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