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Christian Wagner

As an undergraduate, Christian Wagner studied Biblical and Theological studies at Reformation Bible College. For his graduate studies, he is a student at Davenant Hall, studying classical Protestantism. He is also a Catechist at his local parish in the Anglican Church in North America, pursuing the Priesthood in the Gulf Atlantic Diocese. His research interests include the Church Fathers, Thomism, and Scholastic Theology. He lives in Florida with his wife and son.


A Catholic Anglican Rule of Faith

Introduction A friend once said to me that “all theological debates go back to Prolegomena.” Namely, what is our justification for what we believe? What is our measure of truth in matters of faith? How can we know what God has revealed? These Questions are vital for those in the Anglican Communion. We have “Anglo-Catholics,”…


A Critique of Transubstantiation

Introduction In my freshman year of college, as a newly minted theology student, I began to think through the question of “Why do we reject Transubstantiation?” I was blessed to have a Systematics professor who assigned the Reformed Orthodox,[1] so, naturally, I picked up my copy of Francis Turretin’s Institutes and scoured the section on…

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