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Caleb Knox

Caleb Knox is studying Political Theory at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, VA. He attends a Reformed Episcopal Church, the Church of our Savior Oatlands, with his friends and professors. At school, Caleb is captain of the college's Mock Trial team. After graduation he hopes to pass along the Classical Christian inheritance at a secondary school and then pursue studies in Theology and Political Thought.


Euclid and the Art of Loving: Reflections on Euclid’s 8th

I was listening to a lecture the other day when I learned a great truth about love. This talk had little to do with ethics, and even less to do with philosophy. It was neither sermonic nor “theological” (in the way that we use the term). Indeed, the word love never made an appearance. But…


Flaming Tongues: On the Need for Creeds

There is a tendency among our evangelical brethren to see the creeds as distractions from true, Biblical Christianity; a human addition that is non-essential at best and a “vain philosophy” at worst. I will grant that the concern is noble. They fear going beyond the scriptures, and they are right to do so. This voice…

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