Articles by Brandon Munson

Brandon Munson

Brandon Munson is a graduate of the Reformed Episcopal Seminary and teaches at Christ Academy–a classical parish school of Grace Reformed Episcopal Church in Collingdale, PA. He is an altar server and Sunday school teacher at the same parish. Brandon’s personal project, The Anglican Mind, is aimed at improving theological literacy and forming a more robust Christian worldview amongst Christians, in general, and Anglicans in particular.


Finding Christ and Salvation in Job

Job was a righteous man who had it all, that is, until Satan was given full access to Job to test his faith. At his lowest moment–without family, health, or home–was Job blessed or cursed? Simple answers are simply inadequate. It is obvious that Job was blessed in the beginning and end of the narrative,…

Holy Orders and Headship

In October, the Rev. Dr. Emily McGowin wrote an article defending women’s ordination against objections from those who insist only a man can become a priest and administer rites in persona Christi. There have been several responses to her article already, and I do not want to simply echo those articles. But McGowin raised a…

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