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Bradford Littlejohn

Bradford Littlejohn (PhD, University of Edinburgh) is Headmaster of Loudoun Classical School, President of the Davenant Institute, and Senior Fellow of the Edmund Burke Foundation. He has wide ranging research interests in the fields of reformation studies, historical theology, Christian ethics, and political theory, with particular focus on the thought of Anglican theologian Richard Hooker. He lives in Leesburg, VA with his wife and four children.

Educating Free Men and Women

Most of us are familiar with the term “liberal arts,” but few of us stop to consider this curious term. Why “liberal”? Presumably not because these are the arts favored by political progressives (even if many historic “liberal arts colleges” have become quite “liberal” in that sense). Those who do attempt to attach an etymology…

Why Classical Christian Education?

Hundreds of Christian schools have cropped up around the country in recent decades dedicated to the project of “classical education.” But what on earth do we mean by “classical”? A Blast from the Past In common usage, the word “classical” usually means either something similar to “classic,” in the sense of “the older, better, original…

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