Articles by Barton Gingerich

Barton Gingerich

The Rev. Barton J. Gingerich is the rector of St. Jude's Anglican Church (REC) in Richmond, VA. He holds a B. A. in History from Patrick Henry College and an M.Div. with a concentration in historical theology from Reformed Episcopal Seminary.

On the Origins of the Deaconess

The ancient order of deaconesses seems to be making a comeback of sorts in the Reformed Episcopal Church. In his presiding episcopal report a few weeks ago, the Most. Rev. Ray Sutton mentioned the continued interest in this order by women of the subjurisdiction. Moreover, the Anglican Province of America and other bodies feature a…

John Owen was Not an Anglican

Some of the greatest challenges for Anglicanism today revolve around identity, uniformity, discipline, theology, and limits. At what point does something or someone cease from being Anglican? How do Anglicans preserve an appropriate breadth while also recognizing the need for consistency and the tendency for traditions to narrow down over time? These quandaries were brought…

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