Articles by Alexander Sosler

Alexander is an Assistant Professor of Bible and Ministry at Montreat College. He also serves as Assisting Priest at Redeemer Anglican Church in Asheville, NC. His popular writing has been featured in Mockingbird, Front Porch Republic, Christ and Pop Culture, Fathom Magazine, and Fare Forward.


Pursuing an Anglican Identity

I’m new to Anglicanism. I journeyed on the Canterbury trail along with many recent pilgrims from my Baptist homeland. Sometimes, this fact makes me self-conscious. Was I young, restless, and Reformed because it was cool then? And now that liturgy is cool, I’m Anglican? The question does not bother me enough to keep me up…

Give Us the Liturgy

Searching for Tradition I remember entering ministry life and quickly being confused and discouraged. This discouragement wasn’t as a result of the normal pressures of ministry, burdens to bear, problems to navigate, etc. It had to do with the church service. It seemed like everything was so emotional. Music would extend on and on. The…

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