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Introducing Cranmer Theological Journal

Cranmer Theological Journal (, a new peer-reviewed journal of Anglican theology, recently published its first issue. CTJ was created to fill a void by addressing the needs of biblically orthodox Anglicans in North America, at a time when the existing journals reflect the same doctrinal issues that prompted numerous Anglicans to leave the Episcopal Church…


Blurb for “The Witness of Beauty”: Colin Redemer

“In The Witness of Beauty James Clark weighs in on several of the all-important debates surrounding Protestant political engagement in the 21st century, drawing from classical sources to level critical but fair arguments at his contemporary interlocutors. While he writes from an unashamedly Anglican perspective, this book is worth reading for everyone concerned with the…


The Day the Gloves Came Off: An End to Detente in the ACNA

It was a boneheaded move. With one conversation at Mere Anglicanism in South Carolina, the debate over the ordination of women in the Anglican Church in North America has been reignited and forever changed, perhaps in ways that will prove historic. The proponents of the ordination of women had played all their cards, and what…

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