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J. C. Ryle on The 39 Articles of Religion (Part 6)

Ryle here is approaching the conclusion of his text on the Articles of Religion. Here he is advocating reading them at least once a year: Such are the leading features, in my judgment, of the Thirty-nine Articles. I commend them to the attention of my readers, and ask that they may be carefully weighed. No…


Book Review: “The Openness of Being”

The Openness of Being: Natural Theology Today. By E. L. Mascall. Nashotah, WI: Nashotah House Press, 2022. 288 pp. $15.25 (paper). Since their establishment in 1887, the Gifford Lectures have been devoted to the exploration of natural theology, defined on the lecture series website as “the attempt to prove the existence of God and divine…


Cherry on, Lost John

The world is not so sideways in its luck as people say; there still are futures of a healthful gain;  rain still rains. Lichens droop from spruces, wizard-gray, there are yet handsome gambles in the living game; rain still rains. Below the dust crust, we strike water in the hushing cave; crystals lengthen, treasuring the…

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