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Praying to Themselves

I’ve been reading Graham Greene’s Orient Express and this passage struck me. In this scene, Dr. Czinner (a Serbian communist revolutionary) has the sudden urge to seek confession and search out the Anglican priest he noticed earlier on the train. “Dr. Czinner drew the door to and sat in the opposite seat. ‘You are a priest?’…


A Trusted Tool for Studying the Scriptures

Methods of Bible Study. By W.H. Griffith Thomas. Dallas, TX: Gideon House Books, 2016. 89 pp. $6.99 (paper). One of my favorite aspects of Anglicanism is our emphasis on the Scriptures. The Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion insist on the Bible as our ultimate authority. The Book of Homilies begin with an exhortation to the importance of…



It doesn’t seem fair – those laborers who worked all day in the hot sun received only as much as those who came in the last hour. The owner of the vineyard is too generous, and for one reason or the other, he is grossly unfair. In fact, he is unfair because he is too…

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