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Andrew Brashier

Dcn. Andrew Brashier volunteers as chancellor for the ACNA Jurisdiction of Armed Forces and Chaplaincy and is the vicar of Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd in Pelham, Alabama. He blogs about family oratories and the impact they can have in reigniting Anglicanism at His first book is available at Amazon ( and focuses on family devotions and private prayer in the Anglican tradition.

Ministers, Be Prepared

St. Paul commended Timothy to always preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Timothy was discipled by his master to constantly and vigilantly be prepared to teach the Word of God regardless the season, the circumstance, and the adversity.

Anglican Links of Interest 7.22.19

In the latest Miserable Offenders Episode, yours truly mentioned the need for Anglicans to be disciplined by the prayer book and to take up the rule of life it requires. Also, I mentioned in a past post on Through A Mirror Darkly how the 2019 ACNA BCP does not require fasting or abstinence but merely…

Holding the Center, or Moving Goalposts?

Dr. Winfield Bevins, in his recent post at Anglican Pastor entitled, “Whatever happened to the Anglican Via Media?” issues a call for Anglicans to unite at the “center.”  His thesis that the center of Anglicanism is rooted in several of her formularies, namely the Thirty-Nine Articles, the three ecumenical creeds, and adding the Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral…

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