Volume 2

4          Editorial

Current Events in Anglicanism
5          Can Two Walk Together, Except They Be Agreed?
            — David Virtue

The 39 Article Project
8          Article 5: Of the Holy Spirit
            — Fr. Chori Jonathin Seraiah
15        Article 6: Of the Sufficiency of the Holy Scripture for Salvation
            — Pastor Joseph M. Gleason
26        Article 7: Of the Old Testament
            — Dr. James Reber

Letters From Our Fathersarticles by historic Anglicans
38        The Great Duty of Family Religion
            — Rev. George Whitefield

Letters From Our Shepherdsarticles by ordained Anglican ministers
46        Called to Catechize
            — Dr. J. I. Packer
56        Hospitality, Community, and Eucharist
            — Fr. Tony Seel
59        The Healing Power of the Eucharist
            — Rev. George Kacena
63        The Eucharist in the Exodus: an examination of John 6 and 1 Corinthians 10
            — Fr. Johann W. Vanderbijl III
66        On Liturgy as a Grammar of Faith
            — Fr. Michael J. G. Pahls
69        All Did Eat, All Did Drink
            — Fr. Chori Jonathin Seraiah
77        Holy Communion and the English Reformation
            — Rev. Carlos Miranda
85        Richard Hooker on The Holy Eucharist
            — Fr. Robert Sanders
95        The Practical Significance of the Eucharist
            — Fr. Thomas J. Boully
100      A Means of Grace within the Exhortation
            — Rev. Eric Jorgensen
104      The Communion of Saints
            — Fr. Bill Guerard
106      The Humerus Bone of Contention
            — Rev. Dale Crouthamel
108     Meaningful Worship
            — Rev. Andrew McIntyre
112      The Vulnerable God
            — Rev. Mark Miller
113      Liturgy in an Age of Entertainment
            — Dr. Bob Grant
116      Orthodox Anglican Identity
            — Dr. Charles Erlandson

Letters From The Flock articles by Anglican laymen and laywomen
125      The Role of a Deaconess in a Traditional Anglican Church
            — Dss. Deborah Dove Kidd
130      Bower Birds
            — Jeremy S. Conrad
132      Christian Education and the Future of the Church
            — Heidi Hawks

Letters From Our Brothers articles by Christians in other denominations
140     Branded or Baptized?
            — Dr. Peter Leithart
144     Anglican, Examine Thyself
            — Rev. Jeffrey Meyers
147     The History of Paedocommunion from the Early Church to 1500
            — Rev. Tommy Lee
157     Response to Fr. Boonzaaijer’s comparison of the 39 Articles & Belgic Confession
            — Rev. Daniel R. Hyde
166     Who is in Charge of Hermeneutics?
            — Parson Ron Smith

The Anglican Poet Poetry written by Anglicans and their Families
168     Communion Hymns
            — Revs. John & Charles Wesley
169     The Disuse of Infant Communion
            — John Keble
169     Growing Up
            — Joseph M. Gleason
170     I Loved You
            — Jamie Grubert
170     Ordinary Time
            — RJ Snell
171     About Bats
            — Don Thompson


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