Volume 1

4          Editorial

Current Events in Anglicanism
5          An Anglican Future Without Canterbury and Lambeth?
            — David Virtue
9          Lambeth 2008 – A Retrospect
            — Dr. Chris Sugden
15         GAFCON through the eyes of a Bishop’s Wife
            — Angela Minns
17         A Bishop’s Reflection on Lambeth, Canterbury, and GAFCON
            — Rt. Rev. Amos Fagbamiye

The 39 Article Project
21         Article 1:  Of Faith in the Holy Trinity
            — Rev. Andrew McIntyre
27         Article 2:  Of the Word or Son of God, which was made very Man
            — Fr. Chori Jonathin Seraiah
35         Article 3:  Of the going down of Christ into Hell
            — Fr. Anthony Seel
38         Article 4:  Of the Resurrection of Christ
            — Rev. Ron Kuykendall, Ph.D.
48         Kindred Spirits:  Comparing the 39 Articles & the Westminster Confession of Faith
            — Rev. Rogers Meredith
56         Continuity vs. Innovation:  Comparing the 39 Articles & the Belgic Confession
            — Rev. John Boonzaaijer

Letters From Our Fathers — articles by historic Anglicans
64          Preface to the Bible
            — Archbishop Thomas Cranmer

Letters From Our Shepherds — articles by ordained Anglican ministers
73          The Importance of Preaching for Anglican Renewal
            — Fr. David Beckmann
79          A New Daily Office Lectionary:  Reclaiming Thomas Cranmer’s Vision
            — Fr. Michael Fry
100       Reformation from Africa: Athanasius on the Incarnation
            — Fr. Sean Templeton
110        The Big Tent of Anglicanism
            — Rev. Victor H. Morgan
113        The Church of Jesus Christ
            — Rev. Dr. James Reber
118        Evangelism
            — Fr. Peter Matthews
121         The Wonderful Benefits of Liturgical Worship
            — Ven. Douglas B. Mills, Ph.D.
127         The Emotional Appeal of Anglican Ritual
            — Rev. James Battison
129         Episcopal Apologetics
            — Fr. Vic Minish
137          The Sin of the Homosexual Agenda
            — Fr. William Guerard
142          The Unchanging Standard of God
            — Rev. Canon Olukayode Adebogun
146          Protestantism Not a Failure
            — Rev. Benjamin Bernier
151          Scripture in Tension
            — Rev. Eric Jorgensen
155          Once in a Lifetime Opportunity
            — Fr. David Kulchar
157          Real Christianity: A Pastoral Exposition of I John 1-2
            — Rev. Dr. Lance Giuffrida
179          Life After Death with Titus
            — Rev. Dr. Ed Hird
181          Standing at the Crossroads
            — Fr. Victor Novak
185          A Meditation on 1 Timothy 2:15
            — Bishop Paul Hewett
194          The Problem of Trajectory in Anglicanism
            — Rev. Joe Murphy, Ph.D.
204          What About Auricular Confession?
            — Fr. George Kacena
209          A Biblical Case for the Arts
            — Fr. Johann Vanderbijl

Letters From The Flock — articles by Anglican laymen and laywomen
215          Remember!
            — Jeremy S. Conrad
217          Church Planting
            — James Hagan
221          A Woman’s View of Women’s Ordination
            — Melora Adams

Letters From Our Brothers — articles by Christians in other denominations
228          Why Anglicanism Matters to the Rest of Us
            — Rev. Douglas Wilson

All ye Glorious Endnotes
232          All endnotes from all articles in this issue of the journal

The Anglican Musician — fresh, professional, orthodox Anglican music for today
241          Like Lazarus
            — Joseph M. Gleason

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