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Amanda McGill

Amanda McGill lives in Southwest Ohio with her husband Jon and two young daughters. In 2015, she and her friends started link The Homely Hours, a liturgical living resource in the Anglican tradition. She is music director at her church, Christ the King Anglican Church in Dayton Ohio. If she has any free time, she’ll spend it reading and writing (after running).

The Supper of the Lamb and Lent-Pandemic Cooking

Finding myself cooking more than ever and in need of some inspiration, I’ve lately returned to Robert Farrar Capon’s Supper of the Lamb: A Culinary Reflection. Written by an Episcopal priest back in 1967, The Supper of the Lamb is both a quirky cookbook and a doxological digression on the nature of reality. Since he…

Surrounded by the Scriptures

I was a “Preseminary Bible Major” at my evangelical college. While I regret the assumptions about spirituality which caused my switch to this major (not to mention my minimum wage jobs after graduating), I will never regret my Biblical studies and Greek classes. My professors dwelt richly in the Word of Christ, and I found…

Becoming a Prayer Book Family

Before we had children, when we had just started attending an Anglican church, I remember telling my husband that in the Book of Common Prayer there were words big enough and strong enough for all of life — birth, death, and everything between. I grew up with only extemporaneous prayer, where I would grasp for…

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