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The Continuing Anglican Communion:

When I was six weeks old my family was forced to leave our home and find a new one. The decision to move was a difficult one but the winds of change had come to the Episcopal Church, and my father, his family, and the 1,000 member parish he led were necessary casualties on the…


The 1537 Matthew Bible: More Anglican than Not

When the sixteenth century dawned in England, there were laws prohibiting the translation of the Bible into English. It was illegal to even own or to read English Scriptures.((In 1401, under King Henry IV, parliament passed a statute called De haeretico comburendo, or On the burning of heretics, targeting Wycliffe’s followers, the Lollards. Then in 1408…


O Come, Let Us Bowdlerize

The Venite, Psalm 95 (Psalm 94 in the Vulgate), has been part of daily prayer in the Western Church for at least fifteen centuries. It is prescribed for Matins in the Rule of St. Benedict. It was likely already in regular use, as can be seen from the Western Church’s retention of a Latin text…


The Via Media in Action

The Word of God and the Words of Man: Books II and III of Hooker’s Laws: a Modernization. By Richard Hooker. Edited/translated by Bradford Littlejohn, Brian Marr, Bradley Belschner, and Sean Duncan. Moscow, ID: The Davenant Institute, 2018. 142pp. $11.95 (paper). Due to the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation in 2017, I have heard…


A Pastoral Letter from Thomas Ken

THE time of Lent now approaching, which has been anciently and very Christianly set apart, for penitential humiliation of Soul and Body, for Fasting and Weeping and Praying, all which you know are very frequently inculcated in Holy Scripture, as the most effectual means we can use, to avert those Judgments our sins have deserv’d;…


Holding the Center, or Moving Goalposts?

Dr. Winfield Bevins, in his recent post at Anglican Pastor entitled, “Whatever happened to the Anglican Via Media?” issues a call for Anglicans to unite at the “center.”  His thesis that the center of Anglicanism is rooted in several of her formularies, namely the Thirty-Nine Articles, the three ecumenical creeds, and adding the Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral…


Reflections and the Rest of the Story

Last month, I wrote “Saints, Structures, and Salvation,” a response to some questions posed to Anglicans on Quad Cities Anglican Radio (QCAR) by a Western Rite Orthodox priest, himself a former Anglican. At that time, several people expressed to me wonder at how the hosts of the show did not adequately answer the questions from…


Natives and Strangers

What follows is a detailed outline of early Anglican work among the First Nations of North America from the early 1600s to the middle of the 19th century. It includes several lessons for today, both in the mission field abroad and at home.   “A General Thanksgiving” from the Book of Common Prayer Almighty God, the…

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