Articles by Steven McCarthy

Steven McCarthy

The Rev. Steven McCarthy is the Rector of Christ Church Anglican South Bend. He is a native of Lansing, MI, and was a pastor in the Reformed Presbyterian Church before joining the Anglican Diocese of the Living Word.

What I Got for Christmas

Let me revise the question, “What did you get for Christmas?” to “What did you get for Christmastide?” In the days immediately following Christmas, one hears a repeated refrain about taking down the tree, packing up the decorations, and finishing the leftovers. For many, the feast is obviously over. No doubt this sentiment prevails due…

Concerning Conferences

Monday morning, I’m off to Tulsa for my diocese’s Clergy Retreat. Such gatherings are integral to the renewal of a healthy Anglicanism in North America. Illustrative of the busy parish lives we all – clergy and committed laity alike – live, I will arrive a half day late because our parish holds its Sunday services…

Parish Notices and Common Prayer

“Announcements! Announcements! Announcements!” You may have a certain little ditty that plays in your head when you see a three-fold repetition of the word “announcements.” If you don’t know what I’m referring to, you’re to be envied. In any event, I trust you do not hear this little ditty at your local Anglican church. Yet…

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