Articles by Robert Ramsey

Robert Ramsey

Robert is the Editor-at-Large of The North American Anglican. He is also a warden and church planter at Christ Church Anglican South Bend. In his spare time he likes fixing old espresso machines and cars from the 90s.

Is Classical Anglicanism Catholic?

Once again, we are very happy here at The North American Anglican to be hosting these conversations. Particularly significant is the fact that many are excited for Anglicanism’s future, and rather than taking a 20th century approach of “every man does what is right in his own eyes,” these essays seek to establish a more…

Response to “The Old Religion”

I enjoyed reading Fr. Wilgus’ piece ‘The Old Religion’ this last week here on The North American Anglican. Its call to a return of a Reformed Catholicity within Anglicanism resonated with many of the other discussions we’ve been having on the site, and I agree with the core claim of the piece that Anglicanism (in…

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