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Joseph Laughon

Joseph Laughon is layman in the Anglican Church of North America and worships with his wife at All Saints Anglican in Long Beach, California. He is a history graduate from Concordia University, Irvine and is a member of the American region of the Society of King Charles the Martyr. He is also a contributor to The Hipster Conservative and his own blog at Musings On The Right.

The Great Bible Theft: Reviewed

The Great Bible Theft by the Rev’d Dr. Peter Sanlon. Credimus Press, 2019. It is no big surprise that Anglicanism is in crisis. The Communion is in a state of slow motion schism. Anglican churches across the world are hemorrhaging communicants at an unsustainable rate. The Mother Church of England is a shadow of its…

Natives and Strangers

What follows is a detailed outline of early Anglican work among the First Nations of North America from the early 1600s to the middle of the 19th century. It includes several lessons for today, both in the mission field abroad and at home.   “A General Thanksgiving” from the Book of Common Prayer Almighty God, the…

Review: The Witch (film)

I’m not one for horror movies. I like my sleep and simply don’t have the constitution to watch hours of spooks, jumps and gore. But after a great episode of Virtue in the Wasteland and several recommendations from various friends, I figured I’d give The Witch a try. It ended up being one of the…

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