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Glenn Bergeron

Glenn J. Bergeron II is a native of Louisiana and holds a B.A. in Languages & Literature from Nicholls State University. He is author of the poetry chapbook Above Matter a Dream Floats and Dead Reckoning, a collection of essays. Having earned an A.S. in Mortuary Science as well, he is also a licensed embalmer and funeral director. When not writing or undertaking the burial of the dead, he raises his two sons, Aodhan and Matthias.

On a Photograph of John Martin Finlay

And on the second Sunday of every month, a mass is celebrated for the souls of departed poets. John Finlay (Paris Diary: Dec. 24, 1973) With hands thrust deep in pockets, collar high Upon your neck, and head turned slightly left, You seek the muse, as poets often do, Where land and sea and sky…

Silent Retreat: Grand Coteau, Louisiana

You followed to a stone, And there the trail was lost. (Yvor Winters) With morning prayer fulfilled, I kneel beneath A dampened oak to brush away a wreath Of moss from lichened stone. Two names appear: Deceased from Mother’s side. Nervous, I peer Beyond the lilting rows of buckled tombs Toward the seminary’s waking rooms…

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