Articles by Rev. Deacon Eric Parker

Rev. Deacon Eric Parker

Eric Parker (Ph.D. McGill) works as an editor at the Davenant Institute. He lives in the deep South with his wife and two children, where he is a deacon in the Reformed Episcopal Church.

Evensong at Home

They say the family that prays together stays together. Of course, it’s not the words spoken in prayer that keeps a family together, but the heart of devotion to Christ and to one another that fuels the prayer. C. S. Lewis argues that prayer without words can actually be more beneficial than spoken prayer, but…

The Home Altar

A home altar is an Ebenezer, a stone of remembrance. It is a semi-public display of one’s priorities in life. You may hide it away in a back room, following the advice of Jesus to go into your closet to pray, but it is a shared space, available for your whole family and for guests…

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