Articles by Clinton Collister

Clinton Collister

Poetry Editor of The North American Anglican


By accident or fate I said the words That saved the king from poison unto death. Despite his trust I maintained shibboleths. The son of Jail, I’m not afraid of birds. The judge caught me at prayer before the feasts And longed to see me eaten by shabhaz. He ruled all servants and gentlemen must…

Call for Poetry Submissions

As the new Poetry Editor at The North American Anglican, I plan to feature about one poem a week and gather the best of these together to publish in a slim volume around Christmas time. If you would like us to consider your poems, please send them to with the phrase “Poetry Submission” in…

For Bernard Iddings Bell

The dean in robes put up a fight to save the young from rising fads and crowd cultures. The board shrugged off the words of this odd slave To votes of dead men, snagging eyes of vultures. The birds began to circle when they heard The lawyer ask the use of learning Greek. And when…

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